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Pourquoi Ittention ?

Dans une société où nous sommes constamment mis au contact de supports visuels, il est difficile de savoir ce qui est attractif aux yeux du public.

C’est là que nous intervenons. ITTENTION a développé un algorithme, basé sur des études neuropsychologiques, qui permet de prédire automatiquement les endroits qui vont attirer l’attention humaine, même de manière inconsciente, sur tout type de support que cela soit : un site internet, une publicité, un stand, une brochure, un packaging, un planogramme, un magazine ou une vidéo.
Notre outil permet ainsi d’optimiser l’efficacité visuelle des communications afin d’accroître leur impact sur la cible envisagée.

Avec ITTENTION, vous serez toujours le plus percutant dans vos communications visuelles.

Key features

Heatmaps, eye gaze paths, and innovative visual attention indicators

Heat mapCheck what attracts and holds visual attention
In seconds, see where to place the basic elements of your ad mock-up / artwork to increase its impact.
Gaze reportSee how the eye moves on your rough
Impose the order in which the eye must see your information to meet your communication objectives.
Opacity mapAssess the clarity of your message
Confirm the organization of your design and ensure that useful information is easily perceived.
Priority mapEvaluate the impact of your communication
Increase the overall visibility of your communication and memorising rates.


Big data and algorithms to serve visual attention prediction

Worldwide recognition
Developed by 3 European Researchers, experts in predicting human attention, the Ittention algorithms are recognized among the best in the world by Princeton University’s Lsun. Ittention regularly benchmarks its technologies to ensure they keep their leading position.
The secret of a good attention prediction
The human visual attention uses both the brain reflexes and its cognitive patterns. One of the Ittention strengths is to combine the results of scientific research in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and information theory. Its methods hence deliver high quality and precise results.
Ittention, NumediArt Native
The NUMEDIART Institute, Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Mons, Belgium, is the temple of European research in audio, image, video, gesture, and bio-signal processing. Its discoveries directly benefit to Ittention innovative products.


Examples of plans: ask for customized solutions at very competitve prices.


A fully skilled team to get the best of what we developed for you!

Olivier Rollus
Business Manager

Matei Mancas

Olivier has a strong experience in marketing, strategy and sales due to his previous professional experiences over the last 7 years in several different countries.

Working in a startup has always been in his mind since his deep involvement in an entrepreneurship club when he was student. Since then, his passion for the startup’s world has been growing over the years. His analytical skills, vision and enthusiasm for the project are a great asset for the team!

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Matei Mancas
Technical Manager

Matei Mancas

Dr. Ir. Researcher, expert in visual attention modelling. Director of the SmartSpaces Group - Numediart Research Institute (UMONS Institute for Creative Technologies). He has worked on advanced theories about human attention for over 10 years.

Pioneer of the principle of scarcity that helped refine the psycho-cognitive criteria related to attention, he is the founder of ITTENTION and a strong academic reference for human attention prediction.

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Alessa Bandrabur
Platform Manager

Alessa Bandrabur

Dr. Ir. Researcher, specialized in facial analysis and emotion detection. With a strong background in the research of identifying human emotions in still images and video, Alessa is a valuable member of the ITTENTION team.

Passion is the word that best describes her and finding solutions to complicated problems her goal. She is involved in researching and improving the algorithms used in human attention prediction and also the main responsible for the technical platform.

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Julien Leroy
Product Manager

Julien Leroy

Dr. Ir. Researcher, specialized in human attention modelling for real-time applications related to image, video and sound.

THE question for Julien, is "What can be really used in practice? ” Julien dedicates a significant part of its research to the design of usable products. Ideas, prototypes, applications, demos, his trick is to create useful solutions, to prove they work, and to settle them on powerful and innovative technologies.

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