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Let Ittention experts help you

Ittention experts help you analyse your creative works, and help you understand how visual attention prediction can be used to optimise them. You can teamwork with our crew, or just order studies we will carry out for you.
Advisory services
Our experts + your experts = better performance
Instant eye-tracking results at an affordable price
Become a visual attention specialist
Your objectives: to confront your views, to challenge your analysis, to secure your recommendations with externalized assistance, or simply delegate the operation of Ittention solutions.

With Ittention Advisory Services, you benefit from the expertise of visual attention specialists « on demand » and you become accurate and agile with lower effort.
Your objective: to measure the visual impact of your designs (or of a series of images for a competitive benchmark), to support the strategic recommendations you deliver to your clients, to focus your graphics choices.

Ask Ittention Expert analyse your website templates, your ad mock- ups, and get a full eye-tracking report quickly at an accessible price.
Your objective: to master the essential concepts of visual attention (Clarity, memorability, focus points...) in order to correctly use visual attention maps and eye gaze paths, and deduce ways to improve graphic design projects. Ittention sells two short training modules to help you secure and detail your image analysis.
Occasional work sessions, regular support, flexibility is the key! Flash study, from 900 € HT. Quickview module from 480 € HT.

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