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Ittention solutions are highly customizable. We can optimize our algorithms to better fit your needs, we can open APIs access for you, develop specific reporting documents, or even build joint research programmes. Let’s talk!
Integrate visual attention scores to your quality process, automatically.
Get instant eye-tracking modules tight to what you exactly want.
Your objective; to automatically check the level of visual impact of your communications before publishing them or presenting them to your clients.

With Ittention API:

  • You can automate the decision to publish an advertisement on websites based on quality indicators determined in advance.
  • You can automatically validate the quality compliance of a print document within your workflow.
  • You can create unique and highly valuable quality dashboards for your most demanding clients.

Your objective: to adjust the number of visual attention analysis, the type of reports, the target audiences, and the price you can afford to pay.

With Ittention tailored solutions:

  • You can adjust Ittention plans to the exact number of users in your company, or to the number of strategic recommendations that warrant a visual impact study.
  • You can work on various target audiences whose behaviors or type of communication / media / HMI needs are specific.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of Ittention technologies, we can propose custom calculation methods and deliverables.
With Ittention tailored solutions, you also get tailored billing methods; we can invoice the time our experts spend on your projects, or you can pay a flat fee we agree in advance, etc. We take a careful look at your specifications and make you the most suitable proposalAny difficulty writing your specifications? Our "tech" and "marketing" experts can certainly help

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